Free Screen Capture Software

EasyCapEvery now and then I find a software gem, and today, I downloaded the Freeware, “Easy Capture“.  It does exactly what it says, “…captures the screen…” on your computer!  You can capture anything you see on your computer screen from the smallest icon to the entire screen or anything you click to select.  Then the software effortlessly gives you the option to save those screen-captures as jpg, bmp, png, gif, tif or pcx file formats.

I would have been happy with just those features, but the software gives you 25 other options to edit the captured image, ranging from rotating to filtering the image with different photo-effects.  Here’s some examples of some very quick captures I performed in seconds:


This makes posting a blog with pictures so much faster than before when I had to “right-click and save” an image … and sometimes right-clicking is disabled on some sites, or isn’t convenient if it’s an icon on your desktop or a certain section of the page which is not a copyable image.  This is great software for making quick tutorials and instructional slides as well.

A more full-featured software like TechSmith’s SnagIt costs $50 – $70, but to have this for free is a great addition to any users collection of software.

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