Adding Images Into A WordPress Website

I recommend WordPress for my clients that want to have either a blog or a full-service website for their business.  WordPress has evolved since it began in 2003 to become the premier website framework with now over 200 million websites using it’s software.  As part of an ongoing WordPress Tutorial Series, this short video is about how to add an image into your WordPress blog or website.  As an IT consultant and marketing specialist, I like the easy-to-use control panel which allows me to instruct my clients who are new to websites/blogging on how to easily add new content on their own.  [Read more…]

Free Screen Capture Software

EasyCapEvery now and then I find a software gem, and today, I downloaded the Freeware, “Easy Capture“.  It does exactly what it says, “…captures the screen…” on your computer!  You can capture anything you see on your computer screen from the smallest icon to the entire screen or anything you click to select.  Then the software effortlessly gives you the option to save those screen-captures as jpg, bmp, png, gif, tif or pcx file formats. [Read more…]