Block Internet Explorer 8 From Automatic Installation

“What happened to my web browser? And why isn’t my company login working?!…” Don’t worry, it wasn’t your dog chewing on your laptop again, it was “Automatic Updates” giving you the latest “security patches and fixes”. But wait. This time it included something else … not that you asked for it, but you now have been automatically “upgraded” from Internet Explorer 7 to IE8!

While I am all for security patches and the other necessary updates that Automatic Updates pushes to my computer automatically, I’m not so thrilled when my web browser is given an overhaul without my permission. I personally have it set on my system to “review my updates before installing” nonetheless, I don’t want to constantly be manually canceling the IE8 upgrade twice a week with my auto-updates manager. No IE8

Microsoft does recognize this (on some level) and has graciously given us a program/patch to “block” IE8 from automatically installing. The video tutorial here explains how you can easily implement it and then have the option to manually install IE8 when you are ready. Simply go to Microsoft Windows Update and choose the “Custom” updates to select the IE8 installation.  Now, this way, you are in control of your own update(s)… well, at least until Internet Explorer 9….

Please note: If you already have IE8 and you want to remove it from your system, it is very easy to remove and get IE7 back.  All that you need to do is go into your Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs (or just “Programs” if you are using Vista) > Select “Windows Internet Explorer 8″ and then “Remove” it.  A Removal Wizard will come up to remove it off of your system.  After a required system restart you will see the old IE7 icon in your Program list (and also likely on your desktop).

Because IE8 was treated as an “upgrade” to IE7 via the Automatic Updates, the Removal Wizard will just restore your system with the original IE7, so re-installation of IE7 is not necessary.  When you click/open the IE7 icon after removing IE8, it will ask you some preferences for some settings, but otherwise you won’t have to do anything extra to have Internet Explorer 7 restored back to the way it was before all of this began. Then, of course, to keep IE8 from coming back, you should run the IE8 Blocker right away to ensure you don’t have to repeat this process again!

Link to Download: Toolkit To Disable Automatic Delivery of Internet Explorer 8

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